What is 5th Saturday!?

5th Saturday! is a periodic in-store all-day event that occurs every time there's a fifth Saturday in a month (roughly quarterly).  A fifth Saturday is worth celebrating!  It means an extra payday for some, an extra playday for all!  So we created a day of special activities here at Carver Country Flowers & Gifts, and we call it 5th Saturday!

So, just what special activities are going on?  Well, the day begins with a FREE floral design demo at 9:00 AM.  You can learn a new technique that you can use at home, or learn about special flowers, or just be entertained!

We always have refreshments.  And we always have hourly door prizes!  Your chance of winning is greatest if you come early, because that way your door prize slip might remain in the bowl for up to 7 drawings - or you might win one before that!

We always have some special fabulous deal on a feature flower - generally a bouquet of something great for only $5.00 (always an incredible value).

We might introduce you to a new product line.  Or we might have an educational but entertaining activity planned.  

Finally, there is the discount!  On 5th Saturday! only, anything you can put in your 5th Saturday! fabric tote is 20% off!  Tote bags are only 99 cents, and can be purchased on 5th Saturday! or anytime between events.  Once you've purchased your tote, bring it back to subsequent 5th Saturday!s and get the 20% discount each time!

Stay for 5 minutes or 5 hours!  It's up to you!  Bring a friend, or meet a new one.

NOW ... here's the agenda for the next 5th Saturday!*:

* If it's more than a month from the next 5th Saturday! then details might still be sketchy, so you may read a lot of TBAs (to be announced).  But check back here often, and we'll update the agenda as soon as we solidify plans for the next event.

AGENDA for the next 5th Saturday!: November 30

Free Floral Design Class

9:00 AM   TBA


 Please RSVP so we can adjust seating and amount of product accordingly. Room capacity is 15.

Special Floral Product Promotion

Special Minnesota-grown bouquet for only $5.00.  ($12-15.00 value) Quantities will be limited.

Discounts?  Did we say discounts? 

Purchase a 5th Saturday! fabric tote bag for only 99 cents, bring it with you to this and all future 5th Saturday! events, and anything you can fit into the bag you get at 20% off!  This offer is good only on 5th Saturday!s  (consignment merchandise is excluded). 

New Product Introduction

Carver Country Flowers & Gifts will have all Christmas merchandise on full display!



REMEMBER:  Carver Junk Company will also be open on 5th Saturday, so you can shop both places when you come to town!

5th Saturday!
Carver Country Flowers & Gifts
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

5th Saturday! is an in-store event that occurs whenever there is a fifth Saturday in the month - an extra payday for some, an extra playday for all - and we think that deserves some celebration.

We start at 9:00 AM with a free floral design demo (RSVP is appreciated).  Throughout the day we have refreshments, hourly door prizes, a specially featured floral product (typically a fabulous bouquet for only 5 bucks), and a casual, fun atmosphere to mingle with friends or make new ones. 

We also offer a special 5th Saturday! discount – buy our 5th Saturday! cloth tote bag for only 99 cents, and any merchandise you can fit into it on 5th Saturday! is 20% off!  (Tote bags can be purchased any time, but the discount only applies on 5th Saturday!)

This year Carver Junk Company (300 Broadway in Carver) will also be open for 5th Saturday! so you can shop both places when you come to town!