Prom & Homecoming

Carver Flowers, the only Minnesota Certified Florist in the Southwest Metro area, will custom design your prom corsage and boutonniere with quality flowers to make sure you look your best on your special day!

Prom Open House Weekend:

Friday - Saturday
April 26-27, 2019

10 AM - 5 PM
Come in and browse our beautiful Prom Corsage Bar laid out with all of your options: flower choices, leaves, feathers, wristlets, ribbons, corsage lights and jewel embellishments.  They're all arranged by color, to make it easy to create your custom Prom corsage.

95% of our young Prom goers choose a wrist corsage. 
Pricing these wrist corsages can be tricky, because the price depends on:

1) the type of flowers desired,
2) the choice of wristlet and
3) the choice of "bling" added.

To try to simplify the order process, we've come up with a grid we call Corsage Math. 
(No, it's not intimidating; it's rather fun.)

Look at the grid below:

Start with your choice of flower cluster, whether Daisy/Mum, Mini-Carnation, Spray Rose, Orchid (you are not limited to these selections, but they are the most common) in your choice of colors.  We recommend that you not try to "match" the dress; we can help you select a color that will "enhance" the dress.  Price of the flower cluster includes two types of ribbon for the bow, in your choice of color(s), as well as accent flowers and greenery.

Pick out the wristlet you choose, from a standard silver elastic band ($1.50) to a Sea Glass or Mystery bracelet ($19.00).  We also have arm bands, anklets, rings, necklaces, hair clips and other unique jewelry to hold your flowers.

Draw your eye down the flower column until you reach the wristlet/jewelry row, and that's your the cost of your basic corsage.  Add jewels and bling if you desire to make your corsage truly unique.

We strongly suggest you select your corsage components in person; bring a photo or swatch of the dress to get the best combination.

Guys - Don't Forget A Red Rose For Her Mom!

Here's a tip from a Mom of a daughter - when you pick up the girl for your Prom date, present her mother with a single red rose (we have them available, in a water tube and tied with a red ribbon, for $5.00).

Say these words: "I want to thank you for entrusting your daughter to my care tonight."  (I'm serious.)

This simple gesture will show that you are a gentleman (trust me, moms - and dads - care about that).  It might even earn you both a later curfew (no guarantees).